CS 319 Syllabus

Course Description

A study of the principles that govern the design and implementation of programming languages. Topics include language structure, data types, and control structures. Programming projects will familiarize students with features of programming languages through their implementation in interpreters.

Course Objectives

Students successfully completing this course should:


Midterm Exam
Final Exam
Homework (including programs)

You must have averages of at least 60% on exams and 60% on homework (separately) in order to pass the course.


Homework will consist of written assignments and programming assignments. Late homework will not be accepted without prior arrangement.


Attendance is required. More than three unexcused absences will result in a failing grade for the course. Three tardies constitute one unexcused absence.

Plagiarism Policy

The first occurrence of plagiarism will result in a 0 for the assignment and a reduction of 1.0 in your final grade. A second occurrence will result in failure in the course.

Any help that you receive on homework must be documented.